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At the heart of every activity at
Antica Dimora there is genuineness.

At the heart of every activity at Antica Dimora there is genuineness.

From cooking classes to social barbecue or sunset massages – our commitment is to offer you an experience to be lived fully in the “here and now”.
Discover our offers and contact us for more information or special requests.

PicNic Passion

Do you want to be part of a bucolic painting or surprise your travelling companions?
We will create an enchanting corner for you in the setting of our private forest overlooking the vineyards.

A lovely blanket on the grass, soft cushions and a wicker basket full of local delicacies: book your special brunch or snack, not only to delight your taste buds but also your eyes and soul!

Cooking Class

CuciniAmo – Cooking with love

Let yourself be entertained by our friendly cook, who handles every single ingredient with skill and respect, because he knows that each one will contribute to creating the final magic.
We offer various options for an unforgettable ‘hands-on’ moment, such as a lesson on the basics of Tuscan cooking, a pasta workshop, or the preparation of a creative meal.
Write to us for schedules and costs.

Open-Air Spa

"Poetry transcends the words,
making them infinite,
as a massage transcends the body,
making it poetry"

Naturally Tuscan massages and beauty rituals
With our Open-Air Spa, signed by Wellness Tuscany Experience, we offer unique wellness experiences deeply connected to the territory.
Our massages and wellness Rituals aim to make you feel the essence of Tuscany through your skin.
The Extra virgin olive oil, also known as liquid gold, coming from our olive groves, is the main ingredient used for our rituals. Once enriched with extracts of indigenous plants and many more natural treasures of our land, this luxurious blend will wrap your skin in a bath of deep hydration with a wonderful antioxidant action.
Write to us to book an individual or couples massage and to learn about all our rituals to be enjoyed in the privacy of a special corner of our park, in contact with nature, and why not … at the magical moment of sunset.
Contact us for info and discover here our Wellness Tuscany SPA Menu.

Yoga and nature

Yoga is an millenary practice for the pursuit of a total well-being, aiming to reach
the harmony of body, mind and the emotional side.

Here at Antica Dimora Boutique Holiday Retreat, this experience will be enhanced to a higher level thanks to the contact with the surrounding environment of beautiful greenery.
Our yoga classes, fully immersed in nature, are available for various levels of experience and take place, upon reservation, from Tuesday to Friday, at 8.15 a.m.

Tuscan barbecue

A convivial moment

Barbecue Time

On holiday with friends or family? Crown this moment in true Tuscan style with lots of good local meat or the unmissable 'queen steak' or as Italians say 'Bistecca'.
Contact us and we will be happy to organise a special, finger-licking lunch for your group!

Contact us and we will be happy to organise a special, finger-licking lunch for your group!

We are eager to let you fully experience all Tuscan richness and traditions

  • Transfers and Guides
  • Museum reservations
  • Wine Tastings

We will be happy to share our knowledge and love fort he destination by suggesting local restaurants, pictoresque spots, must-see museums and the most romantic corners.

Dreaming about Tuscany?

Then come and stay with us!

Eager to discover Tuscany?

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Località S. Donato,
San Gimignano SIENA

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