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The Borgo


A history dating back to 971

Antica Dimora Bed & Breakfast has been notified by the Superintendence of Fine Arts as a “historical – monumental building”.
The Tuscan country house today is the result of two years of skilful restoration, conducted in total respect of the original characteristics, using mainly ancient materials recovered in the surrounding area.
The medieval vestiges are still widely recognisable both outside and inside the mansion.
Located right in front of a small and still well preserved Romanesque church, clustered by a complex of rural buildings of ancient origins, Antica Dimora Holiday Retreat is a gem perfectly integrated within the medieval village of San Donato, close to San Gimignano.

The first historical record of the Borgo di San Donato appears in some manuscripts from as far back as June 971, in which it is generically mentioned as a 'hamlet, or villa and church' .

Traces of it are found again in a papal bull of 1220, in which the small village parish church is listed among the country churches subject to the authority of San Gimignano.
Scrolling chronologically through the historical traces of the village and its inhabitants, we learn that in 1308 San Donato suffered an assault by the Volterrans, then at war with San Gimignano. However, it is only in 1576 that we can find the first description of San Donato from an urbanistic point of view, and we discover that at that time the village consisted of nine houses and forty inhabitants, all baptized adults.
The original documents dating back to that period describe the structure of San Donato as a nucleus of ancient houses organised around the base of a tower, still visible today.
Through the Leopoldine land register, we finally have confirmation that the Vecchi family built a villa there in the 18th century. This family played an important role in the more recent history of San Donato and, towards the end of the 19th century, the nobleman Nicola Vecchi financed the construction of the existing bell tower and the restoration of the church, which took on its present form.

Our family

Antica Dimora lovers

Roberto, Clio, Matilde and little Niccolò.
This is our family: the people behind Antica Dimora Bed & Breakfast; those who, with unceasing passion, try to deliver you what is most precious: a smiling and indelible memory.
Roberto, in charge of a more than two-year-long restoration, uniquely using materials coming from the surrounding area, which enable and enhance the maximum preservation of the ancient vestiges of the Dimora, knows every corner and detail of the farmhouse like the back of his hand.
Clio, ready to welcome you with a smile, is always up to offer you beyond a pleasant stay, a memorable experience. Clio loves to empathise with her guests suggesting the most intriguing excursions or activities to discover the very genuine and unexpected side of the territory.
The young Matilde, with her fresh eyes and innate artistic sense, dispenses advices on the younger, ‘social’ side of the Antica Dimora.
Finally, we have the little Niccolò who adores Antica Dimora; since his first steps he became the official helper of his dad Roberto, supporting him in all the little maintenance jobs or in gardening activities.

It is the land of science and knowledge
only who cannot feel, do not see it
Its villages are carved in stone
as harmonious as the sound of the zither
Flourish in the magic of dawn
Antica Dimora
that welcomes you
and gently
unwinds you.

- Luciano Cicuto

Our Values

A Slow Life

We help you to live fully and slowly every moment of your stay, making you forget about the hectic everyday life.

A Warm Welcome

We make you feel like at home, so that your only thought is to enjoy every experience with your dearest ones.

A Deep Passion

We pass on our knowledge of the place and its traditions, enveloping you with love for everything we do.

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